Monday, December 3, 2012

RDYARNS Arrives at Mont Tricot and knitting is no longer the same

RDyarns comes in different packaging ;-)
Today we had an excellent delivery unlike any other we have recieved. From the moment we got the boxes, I knew there was something different. No other yarn arrived with fun little drawings and scribbles.

When I opened that box, my jaw dropped open and seriously thought I might start hyperventilating. The colours are to die for and the softness of the merino is oooh so yummy. I quickly thought of the don't squeeze the charmin commercials not that you would want to be using this yarn on your bum ;-)

This yarn is 100% merino fingering yarn in 225 yard skeins. It has been handpainted by none other than fibre artist and world renowned creator of hand dyed yarn, Richard Devrieze in Ontario. To top it all off, the merino fingering yarn is machine-washable. Come see these delicious yarns and colourways at Mont Tricot. Available soon in our online boutique.

I can't actually wait to try it out. The difficulty will be in choosing the colour!! I want to knit with all of them!! I know my knitting just won't be the same once I start knitting with it. Stay tuned for lots of project suggestions in the upcoming days!!!


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