Sunday, December 9, 2012

Handmade..... the virtues

Photo: Off to the curling party with my Artyarns shawl and my EverydayPeacocks shawl pin... I think I will be the best dressed 

Last night I had a party to go to and since I had to get ready at the store, I quickly decied to throw on the dangling leaves shawl that Nathaly made. Then, I grabbed a shawl pin from Everyday Peacocks to finish off the look (truth be told... it was acting as a stitch holder. I yanked it out and hopefully today I can put it back together)

Here are some observations:
  • Wearing a knitted shawl, sweater or other garment that someone else has made is like having a constant hug. There is a special warmth to the item that just can't be attricbuted to the silk and and mohair beauty of the yarn
  • Regardless of whether you are thin, plump or somewhere in between, you will look amazing. Perhaps it is because the quality of the knitting, but most likely because you are standing proud. You are likely walking with a little more sass than you would with mass produced garments.
  • You know that each stitch was made love, humour, frustration or some human emotion. This shawl was the first item that I asked Nathaly to make for the store. Really, you can say it was the beginning of a friendship. That is what I think when I see it.
  • The shawl pin is very similar to the knitted item. It was fashioned by hand by a creative, inventive and amazing southern belle now living in Quebec. This pin was part of my first order from her and in many ways also symbolizes a budding friendship. With each curve of silver, with each addition of a bead, Kam has put thought and care to get it just right. It s smooth and beautiful!
  • Each knitted item is a reflection of the person that made it. Just look at the beauty of Nathaly and Kam and the finished projects.
Perhaps, others can relate to how I feel about handmade items. Possibly that is what I love about the store... helping people with their projects so that with each stitch, they can weave in a bit of love, laughter and all that goes into knitting. Whether the item is for themselves or a gift for someone, each piece is unique and comes from deep within. There is a sacred act of making something beautiful, useful and loving out of a piece of string.

With that said, have a great Sunday!

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  1. merci......tu es magnifique :*)

  2. Thank you, Lucinda! Beautifully stated sentiment--full of mega warm fuzzies! You a the best, and I'm so glad I get to go party with ya... Even if I can't be there in person. 8)