Friday, December 7, 2012

Curling Style Tuque and Cowl

Curling in Style Hat

It was late October. The day was grey and I needed a pick me up. Curling season was just starting and I needed a tuque for all those long hours I would clock on the ice. I quickly got started and progressed quite nicely and then life happened and it just sat at the shop with clients fondling it from time to time. On Wednesday at knit night I felt I should give it some love. The next thing you know, it was finished and I am in love. With all my knitting, it is quite rare to have such an attachment to a finished item, but this one is MINE all MINE!!!

It has been quite an exciting ride since I posted the photo with so much positive feedback. Since then, I have posted the pattern in English and French. I have even started a matching cowl based on a customer's request.

Knitting Notes:
The hat as pictured weighs 50g which means that I had 30g left over for the next project. I did not feel that was enough for a cowl so I was faced with a dilemna: do I use a new skein and risk having more leftover at the end of the cowl or do I mix my leftover with another yarn that would do it justice.
In the end, I decided to mix it with another one of my favorite yarns Silky Baby Llama from Illimani yarns. After a few rows, I am loving the mix. I want a cowl that sits close to the neck for our cold Quebec winters. I really think that the mix will fit the bill. What do you think?

Curling in Style Cowl in progress

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