Friday, November 16, 2012

Big Ole Encampment Blanket

 A few weeks ago, a client sent me a video of the giganto blanket. Click on the link and you will be amazed at what Laura made.
yarn in the box just after arrival
 So, it got me thinking that maybe I should attempt it since I am on a big knitting craze. I ordered the yarn and the waited. It took a bit longer than I expected, but it finally arrived. I had agreed with my client to brainstorm on how we could prep the roving and make it a team project. Well, it has been quite busy at the store and this has just not been possible. Today, the yarn came in. I was surprised how compact 8 pounds of roving could be. I tried to fluff it and bit and as it took on air it grew.

I brought it home thinking I could at least pet the yarn even if too tired to actually do anything with it. While waiting for dinner, I thought this could be a great bonding project for me and my Dad. So, the next thing you know.... here are a few pics that document the process of Papito and me
unwinding the roving

wrapping it in sheets to make roving sausages so it can be washed

the roving must be wrapped to that it does not felt onto itself

2 are better than just one

roving sausage making

you need to tie the sausage so it does not all fall apart

sausage before and after

a warm fire on a cold night is helpful

The sausages are ready for the bathtub

put it in hot water...

Stomping to felt the yarn

More pics to follow... stay tuned

PS The yarn comes from Encampment, WY... and I think the name is befitting


  1. I'm impressed you had the foresight to use your water boots-- I totally would have been in there all barefoot!