Friday, June 29, 2012

Canada Day! La fête du Canada!

Sunday is Canada! Last Sunday was Quebec's Fete National. Now we get to celebrate all that is great of Canada. Ok, maybe not all, but at least all good knitting stuff at Mont Tricot.


Indigo Moon
Beautiful yarns hand dyed in idyllic Gabriola Island,  BC. Trish is not only an accomplished dyer, but she also weaves beautiful throws, shawls, capes and more. Check out her website to find out more about what she does.
Mont Tricot carries:
Merino - fingering weight which is an excellent yarn for knitting, crochet and weaving (warp and weft) and will not felt.
Ultimate Merino Sock Yarn: This lovely yarn blend is perfect for socks! It is 80% superwash Merino wool and 20% nylon so it will wear very well and should not felt.
Ultimate Sock yarn: It is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon so it will wear very well and should not felt.

On its way to Mont Tricot as we speak is the :
*Hand dyed blue-faced leicester: The supple hand gives a beautiful drape to any shawl or scarf projects you have your eye on. And it's great for socks too! It's strong enough to be durable without the nylon ...and the colours come up so beautifully - it's an awesome choice for pretty much any project which is making it a new Indigo Moon favourite!
*Merino Sport weight

Fleece Artist is located in Nova Scotia. They were established in 1979 to supply fellow textile artists with natural fibres. They have beautiful colourways and a wide range of fibers to choose from.
Mont Tricot carries a wide selection of Fleece Artist yarns such as:
Trail Socks, Slubby Blue, Blue face 2/8, Blue Face Aran, Curlylocks, Goldielocks, Peter Rabbit, Seawool, Tiffendal,

Hand Maiden
Hand Maiden Fine Yarn is the the Fleece Artist label for exceptional Silks and Cashmere yarns, featuring Swiss Mountain Silks.  Mont Tricot carries Camelspin, Flaxen, Double Sea, Swiss Mountain Cashmere and silk

Sweet Georgia
Sweet Georgia is an artisan yarn company that is passionate about bringing you richly saturated colours, luxurious natural fibres and performance yarns of the highest quality. Based in Vancouver, Canada, SweetGeorgia Yarns designs and distributes an exclusive collection of hand-dyed yarns of fine merino wool, silk and cashmere suitable for all your handknit, handspun and handwoven projects.
Mont Tricot carries the Tough Love Sock, Superwash DK, the cashsilk lace and the merino silk lace. A few others are on order for the fall season so stay tuned....

Koigu has exceptionally beautiful hand dyed and hand painted yarns. They are located in Chatsworth, Ontario. Koigu's palette is that it is fearless, bold and luminous with a spark of life in each dyelot. Each dyelot of Koigu's Painter's Palette is an individual creation and there are no two dyelots exactly the same.

Based in Nelson, BC, Lana sources the most scrumptious hemp and hemp blend yarns available in rich beautilful colours. If you haven't tried hemp or if you think it is too rough on your hands, think again.
Mont Tricot carries hempton and allhemp6. We will be carrying the hempwool and the cashmere canapa in the Fall

Designers:  There are surprisingly lots of Canadian designers that design absoultely gorgeous pieces. I will do a post dedicated just to this topic, but for now I will stay local:
Claire Bennet - I would love to have one of these.
Falling Stitches
 Ariane, the creative genius behind these gorgeous patterns is originally from East Farnham which is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Sutton. Although she currently lives in Montreal, she enjoys coming to Sutton to hang out in Mont Tricot. We have begun collaborating on quite a few neat suprises. Stay tuned. She is also scheduled to hold a few workshops at Mont Tricot in the Fall. All of her available patterns are for sale at Mont Tricot. Check out her website for a few free goodies.

Bella Striped Hat
Petitetuques is another great local find. Lisa is from Cowansville, QC where she is busy raising 2 boys and trying to fit all the knitting and designing in. If you have read the Twilight series, you will definitly enjoy her blog posts. She has found a way to combine knitting and Twilight.
Lisa is working on a few exciting projects as well as some samples of her paterns for Mont Tricot which can be bought at the store on on ravely.
Lisa regularly comes to the Mont Tricot knit nights and we are working on having her offer a workshop in the fall as well.

Everyday Peacocks
Kam has created a dazzling selection of jewelry for knitting. Her motto is , "We should all get to feel like Peacocks from time to time. With my jewelry and gifts, I hope I can help everyone feel like a Peacock Everyday!"
Come see her stitch holders, stitch markers and shawl pins at Mont Tricot

Créations Kazo
Guylaine is a jewelry artist with amazing creations. Working together with Mont Tricot, she has come up with some amazing stitch holders that slide nicely and don't snag on your knitting.

Perl Grey 
The sister of Fleece Artist  has combined her love for knitting and jewlery by creating gorgeous pewter buttons, earrings and shawl pins. Beautiful complimentary pieces for any knitted garment

PHEW! That was a lot to write and read. I originally intended to have this post be bilingual but it might never get posted.
In order to reward you for having read all of this and for discovering perhaps new Canadian artists. I will be offering a 15% discount on all the products listed above. Offer valid June 29- July 3rd.

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